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vetIQure™ – TSE
(Tumour Specific Electroporation™)

vetIQure is an innovation in oncology care and its unique and patented TSE technology ensures reversible electroporation designed for a safe and easy tumour treatment that spares the healthy tissue.

The dynamic and multi-dimensional electric pulse enhances traditional chemotherapy with a tumour- specific and controlled distribution of the electric field, which enables the coverage of the treated area. It increases the cells’ membrane permeability allowing cytotoxic drugs to enter the tumour cell.

TSE is designed to activate the immune system through the apoptosis and release of a specific tumour antigen.

TSE also makes it possible to treat non-responsive tumours and tumours in sensitive locations. 

Using the customised adjustable hand-held probe, the veterinarian can choose to treat both smaller and larger areas using the same probe which also improves the ability to treat hard-to-reach locations.

The TSE technology is well-suited to treat tumours in sensitive areas where surgery is not possible such as head and neck tumours. It can be used as a primary treatment or in combination with surgery to shrink the tumour and/or treat unclean margins. 

Advantages of the single-use electrodes

Powerful treatment enhances the effects of the cytotoxic drug

The vetIQure™ system enhances the effects of the cytotoxic drug by opening up small pores in the tumour cells, giving it direct access to the DNA of the targeted cells. Combined with the coagulation effect created by the hi-voltage electric field, the cancer cells go into apoptosis (a programmed cell death). In some cases, treatment has shown that correctly adapted dynamic pulses result in a powerful immunotherapeutic effect. The vetIQure™ dynamic feature is designed to maximise this effect. A significant advantage of treating animals with TSE is that the treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis. The active treatment with vetIQure™ takes up to 20 minutes and the whole treatment, including preparation, does not usually last longer than 45 minutes and the patient can go home the same day. This means that the treatment is very cost-effective for pet owners and insurance companies. Additionally, vetIQure™  has a handheld and easily portable design and weighs only about 6-7 kg. This makes it ideal for transporting in-between and around the veterinary hospitals and/or smaller clinics.


With vetIQure™, traditional electroporation is combined with a dynamic and multi-directional electric field improving the current coverage throughout the treated tissue. With its IQ calibration system, vetIQure™ enables treatment using applicators of different sizes; a technology that offers the unique possibility to treat tumours in hard-to-reach places such as the oral cavity and tongue base.

Thanks to its integrated tumour database veterinarians will, in the near future, be able to exchange general treatment data with other veterinarians. By using the latest technology and components, vetIQure™ is designed to be both portable and light weight for easy transport and storage.

Multi-dimensional treatment and tumour-adapted distribution of the dynamic electrical field

Tumour Specific Electroporation (TSE) with a dynamic and multi-directional pulse to minimize risks of irreversible electroporation, unintentional ablation of tissue and untreated tissue areas. vetIQure™ can also treat with different diameters, depending on the size of the treatment area.

The four phases of the TSE technology

Phase 1 – Cytostatic administration

Phase 1 – Cytotoxic drug administration

The therapy begins by administrating a cytotoxic drug to the patient either intravenously or intra-tumorally. 

Phase 2 – Treatment with vetIQure™

Phase 2 – Treatment with TSE

By treating the tumour cells with TSE pulses, the cell membranes becomes reversibly permeable allowing the cytotoxic drug to enter the cells. 

Phase 3 – Cytostatics enclosed in the tumour cell

Phase 3 – Cytotoxic drug enclosed in the tumour cells

After each treatment cycle with TSE the cells returns to a none-permeable state. The cytotoxic drug is trapped inside the cells and create apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Phase 4 – Cell death and immunological effect

Phase 4 – Cell death and immunological effect

  1. The cells DNA is broken down by the cytotoxic drug
  2. The capillaries coagulate, which makes the cells starve and die
  3. Activation of the immune system
  • Treatment of superficial tumours of any histology
  • Often only option for head and neck tumours
  • Adjuvant treatment to surgery:
    – removal of micro metastases
    – prevent local recurrence if resection is incomplete
  • Pre-surgery application to facilitate surgery or radiotherapy
  • Also for palliative treatment to improve quality of life

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