Tumour Specific Electroporation™ - TSE

An effective tumour treatment for animals

vetIQure™ is an innovation in oncology care for animals and its unique and patented TSE technology ensures reversible electroporation designed for a safe and easy tumour treatment that spares the healthy tissue.

vetIQure™ – with its Tumour Specific Electroporation Technology

For a safe and easy treatment

vetIQure™ enhances traditional chemotherapy with a tumour specific and controlled distribution of the electric field, which improves the coverage of the treated areas and thereby the therapeutic effect within the area of treatment.

Using the vetIQure™ customised handheld tool, the veterinarian can choose different distances between the electrodes to adapt to the size and location of the tumour.

New innovation in cancer treatment for animals

vetIQure™ is a new innovation in cancer care based on the patented technology Tumour Specific Electroporation™ (TSE) designed for safe and easy cancer treatment of animals. Our aim is to continue to improve the TSE technology through continuous R&D and clinical development.

Our foundation

Our profound knowledge in electroporation forms the starting point for the company’s existing product vetIQure™, specially designed for TSE – Tumour Specific Electroporation– treating a range of different types of tumours in pets.

About Vetiqure AB

Vetiqure AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scandinavian ChemoTech AB, a dynamic Life Science company that focus on developing technologies and therapies for various cancer tumours and advanced pain control for cancer. The Company has extensive experience in Tumour Specific Electroporation (TSE), which forms the basis of the Company’s therapeutic areas. Currently, the Company is offering treatments for a various forms of cancer tumours.

Our product, vetIQure, is designed for animals based on a technology developed to treat humans. Its new technology, TSE, makes it possible to treat non-responsive tumours and tumours in sensitive locations.

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